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Ri_creAzione is made in italy par excellence, the highest expression of impeccable style, good taste, creativity, sense of beauty, high quality manufacture and craftsmanship that have always characterized Italian savoir faire in satisfying the desire for Italian style worldwide.

Real luxury is only made in italy.

Tailoring details, sophistication and quality in terms of shapes and materials, pure fabrics, handcraft dyeing techniques, handloom jacquard, simple and elegant lines, sophisticated, but without excess, inspired by the haute couture of the past mixed with modernity in tailoring outerwear and everyday dresses that enhance femininity.

Combining simplicity and charm.

Back to simple and elegant fashion, chic, with the intent to arouse emotions and not surprise or astonishment. Creations for a timeless woman, a sensitive lover of beauty and quality, looking for a select product with taste and quality of fabrics and nishing.

To stand out in an apparent simplicity.


LA.GO di Laura Goffi & C. sas

Via Canossi, 12 - 25089 Villanuova sul Clisi (BS), Italy
tel / fax +39 0365 337572


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